Interested in making sure Commencement 2022 goes off without a hitch? The The Office of Campus Activities is seeking Catholic U students to assist with Commencement 2022.

We are looking for students interested in staying a couple day after finals week, in good disciplinary standing, who are willing serving as a Commencement volunteers this year. If that sounds like you, the application form is open now and must be completed by 9am on Wednesday April 13. Volunteers will be expected to assist with Honors Convocation, Baccalaureate Mass, the main Commencement exercises, and various diploma ceremonies.

Please note that some volunteers assisting with certain diploma ceremonies will not be able to attend the main Commencement ceremony. Volunteers will also participate in meetings and rehearsals to prepare for Commencement and the diploma ceremonies. All responsibilities will take place Wednesday, May 11 - Saturday, May 14.

Some Important Dates to Keep in mind before applying:

  • April 27, 3pm - Student Volunteer Meeting (either this or the next one)
  • May 2, 1pm - Student Volunteer Meeting (either this or the previous one)
  • May 11, 11am - All-Volunteer Meeting
  • Various, May 11-13 - Diploma Ceremony Rehearsals
  • May 13, 1pm - Honors Convocation
  • May 13, 4pm - Baccalaureate Mass
  • May 14, 10am - Main Commencement Ceremony
  • May 14, following main Commencement ceremony - Various Diploma ceremonies

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Lunch and dinner will be provided May 11-13 and Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on May 14th
  • Current on-campus residents will be permitted to stay on campus until Saturday evening, May 14th. Extended accommodations until Noon on Sunday, May 15th may be available for those whose travel plans do not allow them to leave Saturday evening. 

Now that you have all the information make sure to apply at