How Will You Lead?

Catholic U Leadership offers and advertises various opportunities from both the Leadership area of OCA and the greater campus community, for students to develop and enhance their leadership ability. Whether you're discovering your leadership potential or looking to bolster existing skills, Catholic U Leadership programs will develop the knowledge and confidence you need to soar. We are your one stop shop for all things Catholic U Leadership

Are you ready to lead? Join us for our programs, for the 2020-2021 academic year!

Programs (all programs are subject to change and adjustment due to social distancing regulations)


Catholic U Leadership Academy

During the 2020-2021 academic year, Catholic U Leadership will provide a host of engaging and interactive discussions, once each month for First- Year students. Each discussion seeks to expand the knowledge, understanding, and skills of the Catholic University of America student body. Check out the Leadership Academy page to see whats sessions we've been hosting so far!

Catholic U Leadership Conference

 The Catholic U Leadership Conference is a day long event that allows students an opportunity to learn about leadership in many different settings. Conference participants will have the opportunity to attend a keynote speaker session, breakout sessions, interactive table discussions, and more. Stay tuned for what's coming March 20th 2021.

First-Year Cultural Leadership Day

The Cultural Leadership Retreat is a day-long retreat style event that provides the opportunity for students to explore leadership through the lens of diversity. Each is centered around a specific theme, complete with group sessions that seek to build community, foster leadership skills, and create an environment of encounter and inclusion among Catholic University of America students. This years First-Year Cultural Leadership Day, will be held on Oct.17, 2020 at 9am-4pm in the Great Rooms. 

Cardinal Leadership Celebration

The Cardinal Leadership Celebration is the University's annual award ceremony which seeks to recognize the accomplishments of Catholic University students who have distinguished themselves in the areas of leadership, scholarship, and service both on campus and within the local community. In addition to fulfilling the unique criteria of each award, the recipients also demonstrate a commitment to the distinct mission and purpose of The Catholic University of America. There are 19 total awards for which students can be nominated for including general nominations, class specific nominations, and graduate student specific nominations. Check here to see the winners of the 2019-2020 academic year

Other Leadership Initiatives
  • LeadershipIn5: A new virtual leadership series/podcast, where we have candid conversations about leadership! Click here to find out more.
  • Catholic U Leadership Blog: We love a great blog! So join in on ours. Let's come together and learn from each other, and gain tips for building professionalism, find opportunities on campus, and encouraging leadership posts from student leaders like you! Who knows, you may finsd that omeone you know has written a blog post already! Interested in writing a blog post for the Leadership? Email and follow us at Catholic U Leadership on LinkedIn.
  • Leadership Panel: Catholic U Leadership wants to have a conversation, and we want you to join us. Check out our instagram page for when to expect our next Catholic U Leadership Panel
  • Leadership Student Spotlight: New this year, we want to showcase the amazing student leaders on our campus. We believe leadership is in everyone, and we hope that as you see your peers showcased, that you too will feel inspired to lead here at Catholic U. Check out each of our student spotlights on Instagram @catholiculeadership, and email us to find out how to make a submission.
  • Wellness Initiative: New this year, we want to showcase how our student leaders are staying WELL! During this difficult time, its not enough to say it; we must do it. Find out how your very own peers practice wellness in their everyday routines. We hope this inspires you to take necesarry steps to discover wellness practices of your own. Want to submit your own wellness practices, check us out on Instagram for details.
  • The Inside Scoop: The Inside Scoop is a new wellness initative on our social media. We take relevant topics and provide a thread of information, to include ways to build these skills, myths/misconceptions surrounding the topic, and resources to understand more and find help if needed.
  • Challenge of the Week: Check out our instagram each week for a new eway to challenge yourself and boost your wellbeing. Are you up for it?