Do you want to apply for a student leadership position at Catholic U?

We want to empower you with all of the tools necessary to become a successful student leader on campus. Leadership skills are developed through learning theory and putting these theories into practice. To learn about leadership theory, check out the Cardinal Leadership Academy's programs. To apply for student leadership positions on campus to put these theories into practice, check out the opportunities below!

Resident Assistant

Resident AssistantsDo you want to work with your neighborhood staff to develop a community that supports the university's mission and values and is conducive to the academic and personal growth of residents? If so, apply to be a Resident Assistant! More information is available at

Orientation Advisor

Orientation AdvisorDo you want to be a part of a tightly knit 80 person team to welcome first year students to CU? If so, apply to be an Orientation Advisor! More information is available at

Summer Assistant

Summer AssistantsDo you want to work in DC this summer facilitating overall management of summer operations at CU? Do you want to support administrative functions of the Pryz, campus RHOs, and the Kane Fitness Center? If so, apply to be a summer assistant! More information is available at

Career Peer Advisor

Career Peer AdvisorsVolunteer to become a Career Peer Advisor! The CPA program is a way for undergraduate students to get involved on campus and help their fellow students learn more about Career Services. By providing career information, promoting career services events, and connecting students to appropriate resources, they serve as ambassadors for the office. They also represent the office at career programs and events. More information is available at

Student Minister

Student MinistersDo you want to help other students build and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and participate in the life of the Church through prayer, community, and service? If so, apply to be a Student Minister! More information is available at

Program Board

Program BoardDo you want to be a part of a student-run organization that plans a variety of major events on campus for students including concerts, speakers, comedians, movies, traditional events; such as Mr. CUA, Late Night Breakfast, Fall Fiesta, and Mistletoe Ball? If so, apply for a position on Program Board! More information is available on the Nest


PEERSPeer Educators Empowering Respectful Students. Do you want to be a part of a team of student leaders on campus who educate your fellow peers on alcohol and other drug education, sexual assault awareness, healthy relationships and mental health awareness? If so, apply to be a member of PEERS! More information is available at

Student Philanthropy Council

With the goal of creating a culture of philanthropy, SPC educates students, faculty, staff, and alumni on the importance of giving back. Under the leadership of students, SPC organizes on-campus educational events and initiatives throughout the year, from promoting Giving Tuesday and the Founders Day Giving Challenge to running the Senior Class Gift program. In addition, students get the opportunity to volunteer at University Advancement and Alumni events. More information is available