Leadership is all about developing basic skills that build on each other that help formulate who you are as a leader. Through Cardinals Soar, you will have the opportunity to participate in various sessions that focus on different topics related to developing leadership skills. These sessions include different activities and guest speakers and are designed so you can explore what leadership means to you and what kind of leader you want to become. 

Topics for these sessions include: 

  • Discovering Your Leadership Philosophy
  • Redefining and Recharging Resilient Student Leaders
  • Confronting and Conquering Conflict
  • Becoming a Culturally Competent Leader
  • Developing Your Inclusive and Effective Communication Skills
  • Leadership Beyond Catholic U

All sessions are activity and/or discussion based and you are encouraged to come prepared to explore different topics and share your experiences with other students. Many sessions are co-facilitated by another office on campus, giving you the opportunity to learn more about other offices and spaces on campus. So the Leadership Team can be best prepared, we ask that you register ahead of time in the Nest and check in when you arrive. 


We encourage you to attend every session, as the topics discussed build upon each other and are each an important stop on your leadership journey. After each session, you get to take home a bonus reward related to the session's topic. Those who attend at least two sessions a semester (you choose which two) will be eligible to receive a leadership starter pack from OCA at the end of the year and will be recognized at the Cardinal Leadership Celebration. Not to mention this is a great personal development opportunity! 

Fall 22 Sessions 

Take a look at our events below and see their full descriptions in the Nest!

  • Discovering Your Leadership Philosophy with President Kilpatrick
    • Info: Monday, September 19, from 6-8pm, Heritage Hall, RSVP in the Nest
    • Overview: In order to become a leader, it is important to develop a personal leadership philosophy that drives you every day. This session introduces students to the idea of leadership, what impacts their leadership, and how they can begin to develop their leadership philosophy. Students also get the opportunity to hear from President Kilpatrick about his idea of leadership and his advice for future leaders. Through different scenarios, students will discover their leadership philosophy, thus creating a foundation that students can build on during the rest of our sessions.
  • Redefining and Recharging Resilient Student Leaders
    • Info: Wednesday, October 12, from 6-7:30pm, Pryz 321, RSVP in the Nest
    • Overview: Now that we have defined leadership, we must also define what it means to be a student leader. With so many opportunities on campus to become a student leader, it is important that we take some time to define and discuss the expectations and responsibilities of student leaders. Along with this, it is important to prioritize the resiliency of student leaders and identify why and how they should recharge. This session will also feature a panel of student leaders on campus in order for them to share their experiences and give advice to the next generation of leaders. 
  • Confronting and Conquering Conflict with PEERS
    • Info: Wednesday, November 9, from 6-7:30pm, Pryz 321, RSVP in the Nest
    • Overview: Students face different types of conflict every day, whether it be with their friends, in the classroom or off campus. How they confront and conquer the conflict will have a great effect on their leadership, so it is important that students identify and develop strategies to address conflict and learn how to process the difficult conversations they may have. With the help of Dean Love and PEERS, students will explore their conflict management skills through engaging activities and discussions. 


Spring 23 Sessions 

  • Becoming a Culturally Competent Leader
    • Info: Wednesday, February 1, from 6-7:30pm, Pryz 321, RSVP in the Nest
    • Overview: As a leader, you will encounter people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. As such, it is important to take the time to learn, understand and appreciate them, thus becoming a culturally competent leader. In order to be a culturally competent leader, you have to understand your own cultural competence and develop the skills to understand and acknowledge others. Facilitated with the Center for Cultural Engagement, students will complete a cultural competency assessment and talk through the results and how to improve their cultural competency. 
  • Developing Your Inclusive and Effective Communication Skills with PEERS
    • Info: Tuesday, March 21, from 6-7:30pm, Happel Room, RSVP in the Nest
    • Overview: Think you’re a great communicator? Well come and test your skills out! Communication skills are very important for a leader, so leaders must intentionally spend time developing and perfecting their communication skills. Specifically, how to not only communicate effectively, but also make sure their communication is inclusive. In this session, students will work together to complete a series of activities led by Dean Love and PEERS that are all about communication!
  • Leadership Beyond Catholic U
    • Info: Wednesday, April 19, from 6-7:30pm, Pryz 321, RSVP in the Nest
    • Overview: So now you have learned about leadership, what do you do with it? With this being the last session of the year, we will focus on how students can take the skills they have learned this year outside of Catholic U, mainly focusing on career and professional development. Join staff members from the Center for Academic and Career Success for a goal setting activity for your next steps, whatever it may be, and learn how you can continue to develop your leadership skills beyond Catholic U. Along with this, we will also have a panel of alumni to share their leadership experiences and advice for students.