Undergraduate Student Staff Positions

The Office of Campus Activities (OCA) is a high-energy and vibrant office that strives to provide great resources, services, and events for students and student organizations.

To offer the students of CUA an enriching undergraduate experience, we rely on the work of our dedicated student staff. Each team member will primarily serve on one of our smaller functional area teams to complete most of their hours. Our functional area positions have a starting pay rate of $16.00/hour with students expected to work 12-15 hours per week. Our Events Team has a starting pay of $13.00/hour with varying hours per week depending on the events OCA puts on. Also, our student staff members make up a larger team and share various responsibilities to maintain an operational office. The duties of our student staff are as follows:


Functional Area Teams

As outlined above, each student staff member will primarily be part of one of our functional areas. Each student staff member will work with their specific functional area supervisor to build out their weekly work hours to complete their schedule and will work on tasks specific to those areas. The functional areas that you may be a part of and some of the duties associated with those teams are below:

Student Organization Services

The Student Organization Services team will have opportunities to:

  • Assist student organization members in learning the OCA policies and procedures for the financial management of their organizations and the many components of event planning; including requesting funds from Treasury Board, submitting purchase requests on the Nest, or completing a contract for an invited speaker
  • Oversee financial accounts for student organizations
  • Process financial paperwork for student organizations including approving purchase requests, preparing cash boxes and purchasing cards for checkout, processing deposits from fundraisers, and reflecting financial transactions in the Nest
  • Manage required documents pertaining to travel, service, and storage space

Leading as a Cardinal

The Leading as a Cardinal Team will have opportunities to:

  • Develop, coordinate, and facilitate aspects of the Build Your Nest mentorship program and the monthly Cardinals Soar workshop series. 
  • Assist in planning additional workshops and events such as Apply Yourself, Launching into Leadership, and the Cardinal Leadership Celebration.
  • Have a hand in promoting and recognizing student leaders on our campus through various social media campaigns. 

Events and Marketing

The Events and Marketing Team will have opportunities to:

  • Collaborate with team members to brainstorm, execute, and organize all CUA Nite Live events and DC Nite Out excursions
  • Serve as Event Leads for the various events planned by OCA
  • Assist with the execution of major OCA events such as Family Weekend, Thanksgiving Gathering, Light the Season, Women's History Month, and Cardinalpalooza
  • Design and execute visual marketing campaigns for all OCA events and initiatives
  • Manage OCA's social media accounts

Events Team

The Events Team is a position in our office that is the most flexible for students who can’t commit to as much of a time commitment as other positions. They will be responsible for:

  • Working with the Events and Marketing Event Leads to successfully run the various OCA events. This includes but is not limited to setup, check-in, event support, breakdown, etc.
  • For additional hours, there is the option to run the bi-weekly flyer route on Mondays and Wednesdays. This responsibility includes:
    • Distributing all of that day's flyers throughout campus and putting up all flyers on designated boards
    • Removing all outdated flyers from the same boards
    • Providing feedback to OCA staff on any updates related to new or removed bulletin boards


Student Coordinators for Orientation are hired through a separate process from the pool of previous Orientation Advisors. This process happens early in the spring semester. Please see the Orientation website for more information on the Orientation Advisor selection process.

Front Desk Operations

Our front desk team, the individuals any OCA visitor meets as they arrive, is overseen by our Office Finance Manager and is staffed by students hired through the Micro Jobs program. More information about Micro Jobs can be found here and here. These individuals are responsible for:

  • Assisting student organizations or other visitors to OCA with questions they may have including answering how to start or join a student organization, how to use the Nest, details of upcoming events or leadership initiatives, or how to advertise through our office
  • Review and approve events and flyer requests on the Nest
  • Completing any assigned projects as needed