We have put together a collection of guidelines and questions that our students may be asking related to how things will operate this year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please understand that these guidelines will be ever changing as additional information is known about the virus, additional stipulations and restrictions are identified for the district, and of course as the University makes additional information available. For this reason we encourage you to always revert back to this page before making any plans for any events or meetings. We will be sure to update this page as frequently as we have additional information but the information below is to the best of our knowledge how we are currently planning to operate at any given time. We also encourage you to always plan for alternative approaches as these guidelines may change during your planning process and expectations that were in place when you started planning may no longer be in place by the time your event occurs. As always if you have any questions please reach out to anyone here in OCA and we're happy to assist you with your question.

Office Procedures

  • Getting in contact with OCA

    You can call the office, video chat with our consultants, or google chat with one of our consultants at ocahelp@gmail.com for a quick response. They can assist you with questions about flyer/copy requests, p-cards, cashboxes, purchase requests, speaker requests, etc.
  • Getting in contact with Professional Staff

    If you need to contact professional staff you can call the office at 202-319-6003 to make an appointment for a video call or phone call. You can also email the professional staff directly to set up an appointment or ask a question. 

  • Printing and Flyer Routes

    Printing and flyer distribution will still be available.

Student Organization Services

  • Student Org Services Check-in Meeting (Updated 12/7/20)

    The Student Org Services (SOS) check-in meeting will not be required for the Spring semester. However, if you would like meet with an SOS member to go over finances, the Nest, virtual events, etc. please email oca-sos@cua.edu to schedule a virtual meeting.
  • Student Org Training (Updated 12/10/20)

    A student org training will be offered virtually in the spring. New Student Orgs are required to attend. At least two members are required to attend and one of the two members must be the President or Treasurer.

    It is strongly encouraged that Student Orgs send a represenative to the student org training especially if you did not attend last semester and if your student org was not as active. OCA wants to make sure your Student Org understand all the policy and procedures to have a succesful semster back on campus.

    The date and time is TBD.

  • Meetings & Events (Updated 9/10/20)

    All student organizations are encouraged to hold virtual meetings when possible. In-person meetings will be permitted as long as they adhere to regulations regarding the capacity of the space in question, the use of masks, and appropriate physical distancing at all times. If your meeting is utilizing a space that can allow more than 50 people please note that the current guidelines do not allow for any gatherings larger than 50 so regardless of the space capacity you won't be able to hold any in person meeting of that size until that restriction is adjusted. 

    Any organization who chooses to hold a meeting in-person must make it abundantly clear to all interested attendees that the in-person setting is optional and the organization must provide a viable virtual option as well. Student Organizations must consider virtual attendance of any meetings in the same regards as an in person attendance and no organization may pressure students to attend in person if they prefer to attend virtually.

    All in person meetings need consultation and approval from OCA.


    Student organization events can still be held as long as they adhere to regulations regarding the number of individuals allowed at gatherings (currently limited to 50) and all university and public health and safety guidelines including the use of PPE and social distancing. We strongly encourage you to plan events in such a way that students may participate virtually whenever possible but we understand that not every event will lend itself to that sort of option.

    All in person events need consultation and approval from OCA.

    Click here to review information from ECS about events.

    Food at meetings and events must be pre-packaged grab & go (ex: individual boxed meal from Subway or Panera, granola bars, individual pizza, chips packaged for one). Self-serve is not an option. Food can be served by the provider. Dining Services is working on a boxed menu. More details to com

  • Tabling (Updated 12/10/20)

    The tabling policy has been updated for the Spring 2021 semester. The updated policy builds on the changes made during Fall 2020 and includes additional improvements. Please note: these updates were made due to COVID-19, weather conditions and space optimization.

    We will offer tabling on the Pryz patio and in the Pryz second floor lobby at the Pryzbyla Center. There will be a total of eight tables. Three are located indoors in the second floor lobby and five are located outdoors on the patio. All tables will be spread out to encourage physical distancing. The table type for the patio will be a 30”x72” table. Linens can be requested for the patio tables. The table type for the second floor will be 14”x72” with black fitted linen. 

    The campus community can request tabling tables to advertise or host an event. All requests must be submitted in 25Live and will be confirmed on a first come, first serve basis. In 25Live, the indoor table names are Pryz Table 1,2 or 3. The patio table names are Pryz Patio Table 4,5,6,7,or 8. The Assistant Director for Scheduling and Event Planning, Meghan Hart, will review 25Live tabling requests with the following considerations: date of submitted request, weather, type of tabling event and space optimization. If you have questions about submitting a request please email Meghan at pettinimj@cua.edu. Once your table request has been confirmed please email your ECS point of contact with further event details.

  • Financial Processes (Updated 12/7/20)

    Treasury Board Requests

    • You can still request funds from Treasury Board. Treasury Board is not determining whether your event will or will not happen because of COVID-19. OCA and the University will be making the decision. At this time, Treasury Board meetings will be held virtually.

    Purchase Requests 

    • Purchase requests are still being processed. 

    P-Card Pickups

    • P-cards are available for pickup. 


    • Cashboxes are available for pickup. 

Events and Marketing

  • Event Details (updated 12/3/2020)

    • Please visit our Nest page to keep up to date on our Spring 2021 events. 
    • The Office of Campus Activities will still commemorate and celebration Women's History Month in March as we always do.
  • OCA Social Media (updated 12/3/2020)

    Make sure to follow us on social media to keep up to date with office procedures, events, and more! 

  • Program Board Information (updated 12/3/2020)

    Keep up to date with Program Board events via their Nest page.


  • How will OCA Catholic U Leadership Programs be affected by COVID-19 and the changes of the academic year?

    • OCA Catholic U Leadership Programs will still continue to program this year, however there are various changes to accommodate social distancing measures and semester scheduling changes to include: 
      • Attendance caps/registration for seminars and events to accommodate social distancing
      • Increased virtual programming and initiatives
        • Blogs/Social Media Posts and Interactive initiatives
        • Virtual Panels
        • Virtual Leadership Discussions and video presentations
        • Leadership Conference
        • Leadeship Award Ceremonies
  • What Leadership programs are still scheduled to take place in person, even with social distancing measures?

    Spring 2020 semester
    • Leadership Academy- 6:30-7:30pm- Locations TBD
      • Leadership Academy: Servant Leadership- 03/02/21
      • Leadership Academy: WELLNESS- 04/06/21
    • Catholic U Leadership Conference
      • 03/20/21
      • 9am-3pm
      • Location/Format: TBD
    • Cardinal Leadership Celebration
      • 04/28/21
      • Location/Format/Time-TBD
    Catholic U Leadership has many other programs for you to get involved with. Check out our website at leadership.catholic.edu or on the Nest, or send us an email at catholiculeadership@gmail.com for more information.

    Being that many student organization events will have to be cancelled, postponed, or totally reimagined, these Leadership sessions are a great way for your student org to come together, bond, and participate in interactive leadership growth. This is a great way to occupy the time, and step back and develop the skills needed to grow the very organization in which students participate. Great for strengthening and training new exec boards, and growing future exec board members who will step in at the end of the Spring semester.

    If you would like to choose one of the sessions listed or propose a new session for your own student org  leadership training, please feel free to email catholiculeadership@gmail.com for more information and to set up a session.