Hosting In Person Events

  • Can I do an in person event?

    Yes, it is possible to host an in person event, as long as the specifics of the in person event comply with University guidance for attendance capacity and physical distancing, available here: Social Distancing Policy for the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic. To learn more about hosting events during the pandemic, please visit COVID-19 Scheduling website and discuss your needs with the Events and Conference Services staff.
  • How many people can I have at my event?

    This will depend on the status of reopening in the District of Columbia and the space that is reserved for your event. First, check which phase of reopening we are in at the following site: Depending on the guidelines at the time of your event, you may be able to have no more than 50 people at your event. If we are in Phase Three, you can have no more than 250 people at your event. Next, choose a space for your event. Due to physical distancing requirements in our campus spaces, the number of people you can have at your event may be fewer than the maximum allowed by the District. You can find sample diagrams and capacity information of most commonly used University spaces here. Contact Events and Conference Services at if you have additional questions.
  • Can performers from out of state come to campus for an event?

    Washington DC maintains a list of high risk states from which anyone traveling into the district requires additional precautionary measures. Student organizations are permitted to invite people to present on campus provided they agree to follow all University policies in place while they are on campus regarding mask wearing and distancing. In addition presenters should be aware of all DC regulations and the requirements that they'll have regarding testing and quarantine when applicable. As of the date of posting the following procedures should be followed by all guests to campus from high risk states:

    • If the guest will be in the district no more than 24 hours there are no additional quarantine or testing requirements for the guest.
    • If the guest will be in the district between 24-72 hours, they are expected to get a COVID test before arriving but not more than 72 hours before arriving. If the test results are negative the guest may travel to DC and stay in the district for no more than 72 hours without further restrictions.
    • If the guest will be in the district for more than 72 hours, they will be expected to quarantine upon arriving for 14 days or obtain a negative test while in the district and have quarantined the entire time they were in the district and awaiting the results of their test. Until the guest obtains a negative test in DC while quarantining or they complete a 14 day quarantine in DC, they will not be permitted on campus for your event. 

    If there are any questions or you need to talk through the details of your event we encourage you to communicate with a professional staff member in the Office of Campus Activities

  • What does Phase Two mean? Phase Three?

    On January 7, 2021, the District of Columbia updated their guidelines for Phase Two of its four-part reopening plan. According to this plan indoor gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited, and outdoor gatherings of more than 25 people are prohibited. Full details of this guidance are available at:

    Phase Three will allow gatherings of up to 250 people, but specific guidance has not yet been announced. This site will be updated as the District of Columbia updates its guidance.

    Phase Four occurs when a vaccine for coronavirus is available.

  • How do I reserve a room to host my event?

    Visit to fill out a request through 25Live Pro.
  • How far in advance should I request space for my event?

    You should make your request two weeks in advance for standard meetings and events and one month in advance for more complex events. More about how to request space here.

  • Are outdoor spaces available? Can I reserve those spaces? If so, how?

    Yes, and tents are available to accommodate various types of events excluding classes. Tent related information can be found on Events and Conference Services website here: Venue Status Changes.  Outdoor spaces are reserved via the same process as other venues, by visiting If you have any questions, please contact
  • Are the rules for gathering different for outdoor spaces?

    The guidance we have received is the rules for outdoor and indoor gatherings are the same. Under Phase Two,  gatherings are limited to 50 people, with physical distancing in effect.

  • How are we going to handle rain plans? Who makes that decision?

    Rain plans should be made when the event is scheduled in consultation with Events and Conference Services. The decision to invoke a rain plan is based on consultation with all the parties involved.


  • How can people sign up for my event?

    The best way is through the Nest:

  • Do I have to pre-register event participants and track attendance? How do I keep track of who is attending my event? Am I required to do this?

    Attendance registration and tracking is recommended for each event, but not required. The Nest is the recommended site for both registration and event attendance tracking.
  • How can participants request accommodations?

    All organizers must include a statement on accommodations in their event advertising. (Template: To request accommodations (ex. captioning) please contact Stacy Cardinal at at least 2 days before the event.) Organizers are responsible for coordinating and paying for accommodations needs. If you have questions about how to coordinate accommodations, please contact the Office of Disability Support Services (
  • What if more people come to the event than there is capacity for? Will I have help turning people away?

    Organizers are responsible for only allowing the space to fill to capacity. All promotional materials for the event should clearly state the capacity of the event and the method of preregistration.

Catering and Health and Safety

  • Can I have food at my event?

    Yes. Food at meetings and events must be pre-packaged grab & go (ex: individual boxed meal from Subway or Panera, granola bars, individual pizza, chips packaged for one). Self-serve is not an option. Food can be served by the provider. Dining Services is working on a boxed menu. More catering guidelines can be found here.
  • How do I request cleaning supplies for an event?

    Facilities will be sanitizing spaces, furniture and podiums before events.
  • What if someone shares at an event that they are feeling ill?

    During business hours, connect them to CUA Student Health Services. After hours, ask them to return home until they are able to seek medical attention the next business day. If it is a medical emergency, connect them to the Department of Public Safety.
  • What should I do if participants are not wearing a face covering?

    Organizers are responsible for participants to appropriately maintain physical distancing and wear face coverings. For tips about discussing face coverings, please see this Face Covering Conversation Tip Sheet. It would be a good practice to have extra face coverings on hand in case participants have forgotten to bring one. If a participant is not following the guidelines to keep community members safe, organizers should ask the participant to leave. If difficulties arise, organizers should call their advisor or supervisor, for support.

  • What are my responsibilities with regard to enforcing physical distancing?

    Organizers should clearly explain how physical distancing will be handled at the outset of the event and gently remind participants as needed.  If a participant is not following the guidelines to keep community members safe, organizers should ask the participant to leave. If difficulties arise, organizers should call their advisor or supervisor, and as a last resort, the Department of Public Safety.


  • Can I do a virtual event?

    Yes! We recommend that if possible all events include a virtual component in order to include remote participants, but it is certainly possible to do a fully virtual event. More details about hosting virtual events will be available shortly.

  • How can I include both remote and in person participants?

    It depends on the  capabilities of the space being used. The desire to stream the event should be factored into the choice of location, since only some locations will permit streaming. More details about hosting virtual events will be available shortly.